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General Information

Akitas are one of the hardest dog breeds to train, and they are known for being bad with other household pets. However, if you are diligent and consistent with the training, an Akita can be a wonderful pet.

Before you begin your akita training, be sure that you fully understand the exercise and commands you are about to teach your dog. Do not aim any teaching if you are in doubt. A lot of folks think that training akitas from takes loads of time but the true fact is that it does not take that much time at all. It does, however, take a lot of your and your dog's patience.


The very first day the Akita steps into your home, training must begin. First and most vital thing you should do is to socialize the Akita. If they are not socialized extensively, they may become aggressive and very unwelcoming as adults.
Socialization is fundamental part of training the Akita puppy. You ought to train her so that she gets along with the family members or other animals in the compound. Before you take her to other places apart from her home, it is important to vaccinate the puppy first. After this, you can take the Akita puppy to outings such as markets or the petrol pump. The training is enough to make her be free with people. Also, the outings you make will make the puppy see new things and be able to face her fears.

Akitas are special kind of dog

Training Akitas require patience, firmness, and consistency. They are naturally willful but respond very well to positive reinforcement. Never let the Akitas believe that they are above you. Dominant Akitas are terrifying and nearly impossible to train.
Eat first before your Akita. Let him wait so he will get the idea that you are the top dog and that he has to wait for his turn.
You must also train your dog to believe that he is below all the humans in your home especially the children in your house. If you are not quite sure about his dominance disposition, you have to supervise the dog when other people or animals are around. Akitas may bite if not socialized well.
Perfectly trained and socialized Akitas are absolute wonders. They are dependable and loyal creatures.

Fundamental instructions 

Collar and Lead-When you have a Japanese Akita puppy, it is important to fit it with strong and stable collar. This is a step in the right direction that will help to identify the puppy. The dog should be free and let to drag the lead whenever it is moving. As soon as the dog is used to the Lead and the Collar, follow her with the lead in your hand. In this way, she will learn to be around people and not be frightened by their presence.
Crate training-The Akita training crate should be in a peaceful location where there is no disturbance. Most of the Akita breeds have a tendency of having concern for personal space. You can then put colorful toys in the crate to keep the Akita puppy busy.
Feeding schedule-It is a sensitive area that needs calculated steps. |the puppy should be on a feeding schedule. As such, it will be easier to monitor the dog intake. Importantly, feed the puppy on a fixed time and ensure that she uses clean water all the time.
Potty training-The Akitas Puppy ought to have a reserved potty area because it is the only way to make her recognize the area. Whenever she needs the potty, she will be able to locate it in the area. The growing puppy needs to go to the area frequently. It is necessary to let the puppy go outside to the area after every intake. Each time she makes as a successful trip to the potty, praise her and makes her happy. This is one of the most sensitive parts of training an Akita puppy.
Administering commands-The owner needs to start with the simple commands. It is the best way to make the Akita puppy obedient. Let the dog lean the commands of sit, lie down, come and heel. It is advisable not to rush the commands. Also, try to revise the previous commands so that the puppy can get accustomed easily.

Akitas and Children

If you have children and you are planning on getting an Akita dog, you should do your research on obedience training to be sure that you are able to make the commitment that this dog requires. Akitas can be violent if they are not properly trained, and for many parents, this is not a risk that they are willing to take. If you know that you will not be able to supervise your child's every interaction with the dog for the first month at least, you should not choose this breed. If you have no experience with training dogs, you should really hire a professional to help you in getting started at least. Instruct your children not to tease or taunt the dog or try to get it riled up with rough play. Your obedience training has to be very consistent. You can't decide to address a bad behavior at one time and then ignore it the next time it occurs. Do not give your Akita any mixed messages. Be firm with "no" and "bad" and "heel" commands. When the dog corrects the bad behavior and begins behaving properly, give the dog immense praise and affection.

Final Tips

Dog training opportunities are all around, where your dog is most comfortable. You will also find there is plenty time to communicate with your dog while completing the tasks and activities of your daily life.

The motivation for your akita to learn is praise delivered in a pleasant tone of voice, pack behaviour, food and games. Remember this throughout the whole akita training course.

Akita dogs do not understand our language, even though many owners assume they do. You can be sure that if akita seems to be making errors, the fault lies with the trainer who is not communicating the message clearly enough to the animal. When training a akita to do something, make sure that your voice is clear and your tone is firm.

When teaching, the dog may begin to lose interest, so get him to do an activity he likes and can achieve, praise him for it and finish training, play short game, and try again later in the day.

Never leave a long recall line on your dog when he is is left unattended. If the connection ring gets snagged and caught on object, the akita could get hurt.

Important japanese akita training tips point: be aware the different akitas dogs make progress in training at different rates. It is not material whether your dog learns quickly or slowly, as long as it does learn and changes for the propitious.

The training lessons should be short as possible. Start with 10 minutes at first and the gradually - if the akita is not loosing interest - extend the lessons. Many short are more useful then 1 long one.

Train when your akita is alert, because tired dogs or dogs which have just eaten don't do well.

And the last one of akita training tips: avoid making repetitive commands. Dogs are not deafened or stupid. Repeating lay down 10 times does not help. Keeping silent between commands helps the akitas to differentiate between the sounds and understand what you want.



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