Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FitPetX Pet Seat Cover Review ! Best Dog Cover

FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Review

How many times have you thought that it’s not such a good idea to take your dog a ride with the car because you will make a mess;

How many times have you tried various covers and finally ended up at a car wash;

With FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover will now save yourself from trouble and unnecessary costs!

Let's look through this Review, if indeed Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is the solution you are looking for!

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Made from extremely durable 600D high density OXFORD material.

The FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is made from perfect material. This is the strongest point of the product. Firstly, it is completely waterproof, so even though your friend had gone for swimming, there is no risk fro the seat to get wet. Moreover, the material is durable and very difficult to get ripped even for the most mischievous of the dogs (for dog training books click here). Finally, it protects perfectly the car from dust, dirt and coat and it’s so easy to be cleaned.

Nonslip rubber backing and anchors

How many times your mischievous dog makes a mess in the back seats with the cover that you so hardly had paved ??? With FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover it would be very difficult task for even the most stubborn dogs. The product features a nonslip rubber backing and anchors which means it is very difficult to move even if there are two large dogs!!! Additionally, the product features an Extra hammock and velcro closures that make it even more stable in hard braking or high speed.

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Features and Specifications

These are the basic characteristics of FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover: o Black Color o 54 "x 58" length o Fits All Standard Vehicles o Hammock Convertible and WaterProof o Made With Heavy-Duty Polyester o Comes With Seat Belt Openings With Velcro Closure and Seat Anchors o Easy to store o Protects Back Seats From Dirt, Spills, Scratches, Hair & Fur, And Other Messes

Customer Reviews and Scores

The FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is a new product which has already managed to become a best seller! According to Amazon.com has managed to make a great impression because buyers have rated high with 4.6 stars out of 5! Since almost all the reviews make clear that is a reliable product and satisfies the most demanding users! Let's see two review examples:
"This fabric material is really nice. Dirt and moisture just sit on the top of it, does not absorb at all. So if the dogs are wet from a romp at the beach I can put them right into the car without any worries about dirt / moisture getting into the upholstery. I can vacuum the seat at the gas station the next day for fifty cents. I do not have to remove the cover and wash it (is machine washable) .... so easy. And the canopy feature keeps the floor of the van clean "
"The hardware holds it firmly in place with both the seat and the back completely covered.I have been using it for a month or so and it has needed no attention on my part with both of my dogs using it daily. I would definitely recommend this item. "
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The FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is an essential product for every dog owner who wants to go for rides with his dog. According to the reviews it has received fully positive responds even for to the most demanding situations!! Taken in conjunction with the very good price, it is a good buy!! Get it now from here and  Good Rides! :)